What is Mapacad.com?

Mapacad.com is a website where you can find hundreds of cities in DWG format ready to be downloaded and used on design applications such as Autocad or Bricscad.

Why are plans in Mapacad useful?

Every Architect, Town Planner and even Graphic Designer has needed at one point or another a city plan for his work. Seeking such a file on the internet usually takes a lot of work, and we usually don’t find what we really need. Thus, Mapacad.com is a perfect tool for finding the plan we seek right away and start benefiting from it in a matter of minutes, with the absolute certainty that the file contains all the information we require.

How are Mapacad.com plans obtained?

Mapacad’s technicians use a number of design applications that are able to transform GIS and Shapefile files into DWG files. Data and information in most of the plans are obtained off the www.openstreetmaps.org platform, so if you have doubts about the data and information which appear on our files, the best you can do is access www.openstreetmaps.org and verify the information you need.

Additionally, Mapacad’s technicians use commercially-licensed applications.

What information do plans contain?

All plans have a minimum of 27 layers, with street centrelines, highways, city blocks and lots, natural borders such as rivers or coastlines, and neighbourhoods being of particular interest.

Aerialway / Aeroway / Amenity / Barrier / Boundary / Craft / Cycleway / Deftpoint / Emergency / Geological / Highway / Historic / Landuse / Leisure / Man Made / Military / Natural / Office / Power / Public Transport / Places / Railway / Routes / Shop / Sport / Tourism / Waterway

What if I don’t find the city I need?

Don’t worry, at Mapacad.com we work on-demand, which means that if you need a plan in DWG format for a particular city, you can contact us and we will personally take care of preparing it. If you want to contact us, send us an e-mail at mapacad@mapacad.com stating the city you require.


Pricing for maps on Mapacad.com ranges between 5€ – 15€. Price differences are based on the amount of information, data, and file size, since on Openstreetmaps.com there are cities which have a great deal of information, and others that have less.

What is it that sets us apart from other platforms?

When seeking a file in DWG format for a particular city, such a search usually takes a lot of time and sometimes we don’t get to download what we are after. On the other hand, pages offering cities in DXF format for free, such as Cadmapper.com, do exists. Still, the files offered by these services are plans with very little information and the bare-minimum number of layers.


At Mapacad.com we offer custom-tailored coupons for each blog / journal / platform. Request a personalised coupon for your readers at mapacad@mapacad.com and help them benefit thanks to you.


At Mapacad we work hand-in-hand with specialised Architecture, Town Planning and Design blogs, offering them an affiliate’s platform.

In this manner, when advertising and publishing articles about our plans, these media get a share of our earnings, which may turn out to be a great source of income for some media.

Any blog / journal / platform may sign up to Mapacad.com’s affiliate program for free at

For more information, contact us at mapacad@mapacad.com

Terms and conditions:

In order to learn about our terms and conditions, you may access: https://www.mapacad.com/es/terms-and-conditions/

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  1. Hello,

    Just wondering when the Sydney, Australia CAD map was late updated?
    Thank you

    • ¿Tenéis el mapa de la Region de Murcia al completo?


  2. How did you obtained the map of Havana?

  3. I bought the File for Seoul city, but there are just few information of building!

  4. Hi,

    I am interested in the Cairo map for academic purposes. Please let me know if you have topography and altitude in your layers as well.


  5. You have wonderful 2D & 3D Drawings, much appreciated.
    Sent email regarding Academic pricing / Student discount.
    Please come back to me ASAP.
    All the best – Regards

  6. When was the map of Melbourne last updated, I need to purchase it but dont want to purchase something very old.


    • Hello, Melbourne DWG map was created in FEB 2016. Please, check openstreetmaps.org before buying it.

  7. Hello, I love the map of amsterdam, can I edit, print and sell it?

    • Hello! Sure, you can sell it but we love if you mention that your source is Mapacad.com.

      Regards, Pablo

  8. Hello,
    I just bought a map, I want to know how can i download it as there was no download link.


  9. Hello.

    I was shocked to see that you have Mexico as a South American country, especially due to the fact that you are a Map-based company.

  10. Hello,
    I just called a friend to buy a map for me, she used my email adress. I want to know how can i download it as there was no download link.


  11. Just received an email promotion for “JANUARY20”. Tried the promo code the same day and it doesn’t work.

  12. Hello, do you have a map of Phnom Penh city, Cambodia?

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